The conference is organized in thematic sessions, whose schedule is being defined by the Scientific Committee, each session with an opening talk given by a internationally renowned guest. The conference itself will be opened by a recognized scientific personality.  During coffee and lunch breaks, and after the sessions, posters presentation sessions will take place. 

Please note that the conference will:

  • start on Monday 29 May at 2:00 PM;
  • end on Friday 2 June at 12:00 AM.

Planned six thematic sessions:

  1. From plant-microbe interactions to interactions within phytobiomes (joint session with the American Phytopathological Society)
  2. Space-time and multi-scales approaches: diagnostic, epidemiology and ecology in the field
  3. Emerging diseases and new insights in taxonomy and phylogeny of plant pathogens in evolving global conditions
  4. Microbial determinants of pathogen and symbiotic interactions
  5. From plant immunity to innovative plant breeding
  6. Emerging tools for the management of plant diseases : Agroecology and disease management

In addition, a focus will be presented on the INTERREG V SMARTBIOCONTROL European platform of research and development of tools for biocontrol of phytopathogens) and round tables devoted to teaching Plant Pathology in the new context and high technology Plant Pathology.

Finally, EFPP ans SFP board meetings and the General Assembly of the SFP will take place.